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For the first time, there’s a guide in the workforce.

The J. Kruse Education Center’s Career Coaching Academy is an immersive, hands-on leader in career path development and has innovated to be a premier coaching initiative in the United States. Its influence radiates from Northeast Indiana and beyond.

Suited for adults, returning veterans, and teenagers, it is one of the first academies in the world to cater specifically to individuals as young as the age of thirteen. Its unique strategy examines each individual’s values, interests, personality, and skills to map out a personalized, objective-based plan for career placement.

“It’s intimidating to choose a career,” says Austin Macy, Lead Career Coach at J. Kruse Education Center. “We’re making the process much easier and accessible.”

With scientific assessments and one-on-one mentoring, the Career Coaching Academy is altering the narrative for success and fighting the downfalls of government requirements on school mandates. It offers a long-term partnership, saving students the hassle and debt that goes with changing majors and career focus.

“At the J. Kruse Education Center, we are helping individuals discover their unique talents, passions, and strengths, and connecting those with a career they will be fulfilled in and love.”

Matthew Toth, Executive Director

“We tailor our approach to each student,” says John Kruse, Chairman, and Founder. “The goal is to empower students, help them identify their passion, and teach them the backroads to a fulfilling work life.”

The Career Coaching Academy commits to its students, even helping them find potential internship and job shadow opportunities once their coaching ends.

“We believe we are going to be able to impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of students, returning veterans, and adults,” Kruse said.

Scholarships are available to qualifying candidates. Visit to learn more.


J. Kruse Education Center is a nonprofit organization helping individuals find and use their talent in the workforce. In its approach, students look into 16 career pathways and test the water to find which one(s) they love. See if you’re eligible for a scholarship.

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