About the JKEC Team

J. Kruse Education Center, Inc Is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2011.

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Our Mission

To assist individuals as they discover their God-given talents and passions and guide them toward a specific career path.

Our Vision

Create an unparalleled immersive career exploration experience with an emphasis on students K-12 and returning veterans.

Who We Are

We are an education center featuring immersive PODS that represent each of the 16 key career pathways designed to provide career mentoring and individualized guidance,

A dedicated group of individuals offering a solution that puts students back at the center of education
An organization presenting opportunities that are individualized and personalized and caters to all students, no matter what level they are -NOT one size fits all
Educators, volunteers, professionals, and business owners who truly care about the future of our kids!
A 501-(c)(3) nonprofit founded in 2011

Who We Are Not

We are NOT a private, public, or charter school. We are a program and process outside of the schools

We are NOT competing with existing schools or other after-school education programs. We come alongside and assist the education community by working directly with the schools

We are NOT a Staffing Agency. We are working with all individuals to help them discover their path.

Our Team

Matthew Toth

Executive Director

Jackie Kempf

Career Coach

Austin Macy

Career Coach

Brandy DePriest

Grant Writer

Board of Directors

Matthew Toth

Chair, Founding Member

Sarah K. Noack

Legal Counsel, Fagre Baker Daniels Founding Member

Roderick C. Egan

Founding Member

Senator Dennis K. Kruse

Edward Souers

CPA Treasure

Advisory Board

Marlin Stutzman

Former United States Congressman

Robert “Bob” Krafft

Executive Director, YMCA Auburn