During and after-school programming created to help students discover the career they are passionate about.


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The Problem

The education system is flawed; therefore, kids don’t know what skills and passions they possess to reach their full potential in life. Too many students are graduating not knowing what they want to do.

Did you know that just 26% of students are working in their degree field?

What we have right now is a one size fits all approach with only one clear path: Gain acceptance to college, go to college, and figure out a career somewhere in that time frame.

So where does that leave us?

Graduation rates and test scores do not define success.

Success = Career Passion & Fulfillment

A more fulfilled, productive, and passionate workforce defines success. That’s why we’ve created a solution that puts students back at the center of education; a solution that is individualized and personalized.

Who We Are
  • An education center featuring immersive PODS that represent each of the 16 key career pathways designed to provide career mentoring and individualized guidance
  • A dedicated group of individuals offering a solution that puts students back at the center of education
  • An organization presenting opportunities that are individualized and personalized and caters to all students, no matter what level they are -NOT one size fits all
  • Educators, volunteers, professionals, and business owners who truly care about the future of our kids!
  • A 501-(c)(3) nonprofit founded in 2011
Who We Are NOT
  • We are NOT a private, public, or charter school. We are a program and process outside of the schools
  • We are NOT competing with existing schools or other after-school education programs. We come alongside and assist the education community by working directly with the schools
  • We are NOT a preschool, daycare, or museum. Kids still have a blast!
16 Career Clusters & Opportunities

A Career Path Experience Tailored to Individuals

Based on the 16 Career Clusters, the J. Kruse Education Center will boast an array of PODS (Personal Opportunities for Different Skills) that will host the various career clusters/pathways in an experiential format. Students will be able to interact, engage, and experience hundreds of different careers in one location.


16 Career Pathways

Architecture and Construction

People who work in Architecture and Construction work to create, build, and maintain buildings, houses, and other structures.  This group includes jobs such as architects, builders, construction workers, and construction managers.

Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources

Grow, harvest, and sell food, wood, and plant and animal products.  This group includes jobs such as farmers, agricultural scientists, nursery workers, and plant specialists.

Arts, Audio-Video Tech and Communications

Entertain others with their talents while others operate audio and video equipment.  This group includes jobs such as artists, dancers, actors, writers, and audio-video equipment technicians.

Business Management and Administration

Work to manage business affairs and people, help people with their finances and complete tasks like filing, answering the phone, and keyboarding on the computer. This group includes jobs such as business executives, secretaries, bank tellers, financial advisors, office managers, and other jobs that make businesses run smoothly at all levels.

Education and Training

Educate and train people for their lives and work.  This group includes jobs such as college professors, schoolteachers, coaches, school administrators, and school counselors.


Help people decide how to invest their money, prepare tax returns, buy stocks, and take care of other related money matters.  Jobs in this group include bank managers, bank tellers, financial advisors, investment planners, and tax preparers.

Government and Public Administration

Make laws and guidelines that help our country, states, and cities run efficiently and within the bounds of the law.  This group includes jobs such as lawyers, judges, senators, and city mayors.

Health Science

Work to keep people healthy by doing tests, giving care and medication, or sometimes doing surgery.  This group includes jobs such as doctors, surgeons, nurses, mental health therapists, and physical therapists.

Hospitality and Tourism

Help people plan trips and make sure their trips and visits are comfortable and pleasant.  This group includes jobs such as travel agents, restaurant waiters and waitresses, housekeepers, hotel receptionists, and museum guides.

Human Services

Help others with a variety of needs.  Some work with children in daycare centers; others counsel young people and adults who have career, emotional, and mental health needs. Still others provide a variety of personal and consumer services to the general public.  Jobs in this group include daycare worker, mental health counselor, social worker, hairdresser, and customer service representatives.

Information Tech

Set up communication systems and other ways to get information from one place to another.  This group includes jobs such as computer programmers, computer repair technicians, network administrators, data administrators and website designers.

Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security –

Work to protect our homes and other property, as well as our lives. This group includes police officers, firefighters, security guards and other jobs to make sure the world we live in is safe.


Make products and get them to people who purchase them.  This group includes jobs such as assembly line workers, packers, stock clerks, and machine operators.


Work to help entities sell their products and services and tell the world about their business. This group includes jobs such as advertising managers, promotions officers, and purchasing and sales agents.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

Study the world and apply learning to practical applications.  This group includes jobs such as research scientists, lab technicians, mathematicians, and engineers.

Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics

Work to help move people and materials from one place to another.  This group includes jobs such as bus drivers, cab drivers, airline pilots, ship captains, and radio dispatchers.

The Student Experience

What does a day look like at the J. Kruse Education Center?


Show Up

Students will show up and be greeted by a guide.


Students are then free to explore and engage with any of the 16 career paths and interact with an actual professional currently working in each specific field.


Finally, after journeying through the PODS, they will have the chance to process with an adult what specific paths stood out to them and how they can further explore what careers might be right for them.
What does the future look like?

Imagine a world where…

  • Students graduate high school with a clear picture of what they want to do
  • Students avoid taking on unnecessary college debt
  • Students jump into careers that they are passionate about and gifted in
  • We have a more talented and driven workforce!

I'm proud to support the J. Kruse Education Center because it provides students of all ages with real and practical opportunity to figure out what they are passionate about. The program is individualized for students and the pods are excellent!

Justin SheehanOwner, Crown Jewel Marketing
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