veterans launchpad

Helping veterans discover their next steps after serving.

coming home to confusion

After serving and sacrificing, one of the first questions many veterans are faced with is:

“What comes next?”


Unfortunately, these amazing individuals are left without answers to questions like: What am I good at? Where do I fit? What am I passionate about? What is available or possible?

The result? Feeling out of place.


Many veterans often find themselves in awkward and or unfulfilling jobs that lack real purpose.

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Giving Veterans a Clear Path


We’ve created an on-ramp that gives veterans a successful transition to the workforce. Based on the 16 career clusters, the launch pad will be a gateway to the large array of PODS (Personal Opportunities for Developing Skills) that will host the various career clusters/pathways in an experiential format. When veterans visit the Launch Pad they will be able to interact, engage, and experience hundreds of different careers in one location.